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This type of compact unit was developed by aquasource® uses UF membranes: therefore, it simultaneously carried out clarification and disinfection without using any reagents. Installed in a single size of aluminium framework (L = 1.8 m; h = 1.5 m; w = 1.25 m) (photo 30), this unit has been designed on the "chest of drawers" principle: depending on the number of drawers (2 or 4) and on the number of Ultrazur 100 modules per drawer (3 or 4), 4 basic modules are possible (plus a fifth having 24 modules which requires a longer framework) as shown in table 13 :

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Table 13. Ultrasource
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Photo 30. 16 Ultrasource modules. Saint-Dizier (France)

It is easy to move from one layout to another by adding modules and this feature allows the investment to be spread over time if necessary.

This type of apparatus operates in dead-end mode and is backwashed every 30 to 90 minutes. This latter operation is based on the ‘mutual wash’ principle where a module is backwashed by the output from the other modules that have remained in service: therefore, there is no need for any backwash water tank.

This autonomous operation advantage is in addition to the system’s ease of transport and installation; particularly from an electrical viewpoint, all that is required is a 220 V (50 or 60 Hz), 2.5 kW power supply, similar to those used for domestic appliances.

The apparatus is equipped with sensors and with a microprocessor card that allows operating parameters (pressure, flow rate, membrane permeability) to be constantly monitored whether in "local" mode or in "remote" mode with telesurveillance, and to drive the feed pump.