processes and technologies

The "processes and technologies" rubric includes:

  • a description of degremont® processes and technologies in chapters:
    • pre-treatments
    • flocculators – settling tanks – flotation units
    • biological processes
    • methane fermentation
    • filters
    • using ion exchangers
    • separation by membranes
    • degasification, odour control, evaporation
    • oxidation - disinfection
    • liquid sludge treatment
    • dewatered sludge treatment
    • reagent storage and feeding
    • instrumentation, control-regulation
  • the treatment files appropriate to each use of the water for drinking water treatment, treating municipal wastewater, treatment and conditionning of industrial water, industrial processes and effluent treatment. File must be construed as the arrangement of the various processes which are used to produce water of suitable quality for human or industrial consumption from a resource (natural raw water or recycled effluent) or an effluent, or water that is compatible with the natural environment to which it is returned as demanded by currently applicable statutory requirements.

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