Originally, the purpose of the Water Treatment Handbook consisted in providing water treatment specialists with the most customary basic data and information.

With time, the knowledge used in water treatment engineering has considerably expanded and diversified; however, it is still worthwhile collating the information and the simplest numerical or graphic data needed to quickly identify a project or for use during commissioning. The purpose of this formulary is to meet this requirement. However, it will always be difficult to clearly define contents when the volume of these contents has to remain limited.

For some, this formulary will clearly be seen as incomplete; others will feel that it contains too much elementary data that we all know about. The formulary has been designed to be of use to as many users of the Memento as possible. It is just a tool box. It is up to each individual to find the tools he needs.

However, those who are familiar with the Memento will notice that it does not include the earlier section on standards and legislation because there are too many of these, because they change too frequently and because they can be obtained from the relevant authorities such as the Ministries for Health, or for the Environment … almost all of which have websites that are kept updated.

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