Fujairah seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant (United Arab Emirates)

Fujairah reverse osmosis desalination plant

The Fujairah’s SWRO plant is part of the large complex proposed by Doosan to the UWEC (Union Water & Electricity Company) to fulfill its need of 500 MW (net output on the electrical grid) and 100 MIGD water production mainly used for irrigation of the Al-Ayn area due to severe depletion of the local aquifers.

The main originality of this proposal was to choose in 2002 a hybrid plant for the water production i.e. 62.5 MIGD from 5 MSF units coupled with the power plant and 37.5 MIGD from seawater reverse osmosis.
Equipment delivery, plant erection and commissioning were achieved within a very tight schedule of 24 months. A 6 months pilot testing optimizes the pre-treatment stage and the chemical regime in relation to the seawater quality.


  • A dosing system able to dose up H2SO4, FeCl3 (pure) and polymer to be mixed with the seawater in two static mixers and two coagulation tanks.
  • 2 lines of 7 open dual media filters (Mediazur) fed by gravity and handling up to 1,500 m3/h of seawater.
  • 2 lines of 9 cartridge filters each with 360 cartridges (5 microns).

reverse osmosis

To achieve a salinity lower than 180 mg/l, the RO design incorporates a double pass system :

  • 1st pass: 17 + 1 trains, each one with 136 PV x 7 elements SWC3 Hydranautics high rejection modules with a recovery rate of 43 %,
  • 2nd pass: 8 trains, each one with 70 PV x 7 elements >recovery rate of 90 %.

A pressure regulation is provided to compensate automatically for the change in membrane permeability and temperature in such a way to minimize the energy requirement of the whole system.

treatment line

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