operating parameters

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Under normal operating conditions, the following parameters have to be monitored:

  • in acidogenesis: pH, VFA/COD ratio, temperature, oxidation reduction potential
  • in methane fermentation:
Formula : Operating parameters methane fermentation

In the event of a malfunction, which generally provokes a fall in pH, an increase in VFA concentration and an increase in CO2 content in the gas followed by a fall in biogas production.

A partial increase in the pressure of hydrogen should be noted), quick intervention is necessary:

  • by reducing the load;
  • by examining the parameters quoted above and those applicable to the effluent to be treated in order to understand the process at fault.

In the event of a progressive fall in performances, among other things, it is necessary to consider a possible nutrient deficiency (N,P), an effect of toxicity linked to H2S or other compounds but also a possible deficiency in oligo-elements (Ni, Co…) and check the biodegradability of the effluent (presence of inhibitors…).

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