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Figure 18 groups and organises the various industrial computerisation and programmable logic controller architecture solutions developed by SUEZ:

  • the classic man-machine interface, Superveil, a fixed or mobile touch screen (Tactiveil). These different interfaces have been evolved and installed with carefully thought out ergonomics and have been adapted to the requirements of the water treatment industry;
  • on call management that combines classic solutions (Aquaveil) with "thin client" solutions so that a site can be viewed remotely, making its malfunctions easier to analyse;
  • clients have the option of giving the "mass public" information on treatment plants;
  • data sharing and, therefore, multi-site software sharing with the advantage of being able to centralise data in one single location.

SUEZ has the experience and the solutions required to respond and adapt to the various requirements tables by its clients.

Architecture automatisme degremont®Secured image
Figure 18. Architecture d’automatisme degremont®

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