vertical pressure filter - FV2B Filter

vertical pressure filter - FV2B Filter
Downflow filtration

The FV2B vertical filter is fed with water, without turbulence, by the trough located above the filter media. Thus, the design is a downflow filtration.

It supplies desalination plants under 10,000 m3/d. The water percolates through the filtering material that can be sand, sand + anthracite or Granular Activated Carbon (GAC).
The water pressure is identical at all points on the filtering surface. At the same time, due to the large number of nozzles in the filtering floor, the filtering mass is drained equally throughout the lower section.

key figure

  • Filtration velocity between 8 and 12 m/h
  • Hydraulic optimization : very high circle length due to the operating pressure that helps to reduce water loss and backwash sequences
  • Immediate efficiency of filtration after washing due to the depth of the filter media and the grain size
  • Optimisation of construction costs : the FV2B filter design limits Civil Engineering involvement.

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