seawater pretreatment with pressurized out/in ultrafiltration modules - Ultramarine™ Smartrack™

Ultramarine Smartrack seawater pretreatment with pressurized out/in ultrafiltration modules
The only universal rack with interchangeable ultrafiltration modules.

The Ultramarine™ Smartrack™ is an ultrafiltration rack with interchangeable out/in pressurized ultrafiltration modules. It can accommodate ultrafiltration membrane modules of different brands, varied dimensions as well as different connections.

Each rack is made up of 3 parts :

  • The facade (called the “valve rack”) where the valves, instrumentation and electrical connection are located
  • Inter-piping” or the 3 networks that connect the rack
  • The ”Module Rack” where the ultrafiltration modules are mounted

key figure

  • SDI <3 (Silt Density Index) 100% of the time
  • Excellent water quality with SDI under 3
  • Freedom to choose membrane suppliers
  • Flexible integration: standardized re-assembled, easy to transport rack elements
  • Makes SWRO desalination plant fully interchangeable with Integrated Membrane Solution (single supplier for UF & RO modules)
  • Ergonomic and easy maintenance

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