seawater clarification through rapid flotation– Seadaf™

A compact clarification solution that allows higher flotation speeds

The Seadaf™ is an air flotation system for clarifying seawater. Its unique design allows the treatment of very large volume of water.

SeadafTM provides an alternative to conventional flotation units by offering :

  • High circulation velocities with no degradation in quality of treated water
  • Improved coalescence and adhesion of bubbles and flocs through a patented perforated-floor system.

key figure

  • Potential flow rate up to 4 times superior compared to filters

among our references

  • Al Dur (Bahrain) – 218,00 m3/d
  • Barcelona (Spain) - 200,000 m3/d
  • Minera Escondida (Chile) – 45,000 m3/d
  • A robust treatment step for wide rage of seawater quality (algae peaks or suspended solids)
  • Instant start-up and shutdown without special precautions
  • A compact product that requires less floor than conventional flotation

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