air treatment by biological action on a natural medium (Biolite®) – Azurair™ B

air treatment Azurair B As Samra plant
The Azurair™ B is biological process on Biolite.

The air is treated by bacteria fixed onto a medium : the Biolite®. These bacteria attack the sulphur and nitrogenous compounds in the presence of humidity.

positioning :

  • Medium air flow
  • High concentrations of sulphur enriched compounds
  • Pretreatment of Azurair™ C to reduce reagent consumption
  • Combined with Azurair™ A at the polishing stage for a comprehensive, reagent-free treatment

key figure

  • Filtration speed up to 1,400 m/h

among references

  • As Samra (Jordan) – 3,300,000 PE
  • No reagents
  • Compactness
  • High concentrations in H2S (up to 150 mg/l)
  • A natural, immutable material (no replacement or recharge): Biolite®
  • Washing of the Biolite by water and air
  • Quarterly water washing

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