odor emissions monitoring and management for water treatment plants – Azurair™ Scan

odor emissions monitoring and management Béziers
The Azurair™ Scan, is a combined monitoring, alert, anticipation and maintenance system for controlling risk factors both on-site and around your plant perimeters.

The Azurair™ Scan is available through two products with a view to adapting our technical and commercial offering to plant size and odor sensitivity level in the vicinity:

  • AzurairTM Scan product incorporates testing and sampling carried out as part of periodic measurement campaigns supporting the mapping of olfactory pollutant emissions from your plant on a daily basis or in relation to specify treatment operation
  • AzurairTM Scan Sensor product adds the on-site integration of H2S and NH3 micro-sensor technology for continuous measurement of diffuse emissions. It allows a real-time monitoring of evolution in the impact of pollutants. Optional connection to a weather forecasting module adds the capacity to anticipate various atmospheric propagation scenarios to support smart planning of maintenance operations.

key figure

  • For 100% effectiveness in monitoring pollutant diffusion

among references

  • Béziers (France) – 200,000 PE – AzurairTM Scan
  • Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) – 820,000 PE – AzurairTM Scan Sensor
  • Enhances the capacities for action, responsiveness and proactivity in relation to all emission occurrences or propagation of pollutants or odors
  • Maximizes the preservation of olfactory comfort both on site and in the vicinity
  • Flexibility: Ideal for integration into any type of project (construction and renovation) or plant size
  • Streamlined interfacefor instant access to all important information

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