storage area sizing

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Storage area sizing and their capacities (tanks, silos) will depend on local procurement options.

The aim must always be to:

  • avoid running out of stock (autonomy), allow for lead times applicable to the delivery of certain products according to the country concerned;
  • minimise transport costs; storage area sizing must be a simple multiple of the unit capacities of lorries or trucks.

In France, most common reagents (lime, acids, liquid sodium hydroxide, ferric chloride, alum …) may be delivered by tanker lorry in maximum quantities of approximately 24 tonnes per tanker lorry.

Liquid chlorine is supplied in:

  • 15, 30 and 50 kg cylinders (or "tubes");
  • 500 (rare) and 1,000 kg tanks (or "cylinders").

In France, these containers are pressure tested to 30 bar by the Mines department.

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