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No particular problems are associated with the unloading of reagents delivered on pallets, providing a forklift truck and a pallet truck are available.

Bulk transfers present slightly greater problems but are financially justified in the case of major amounts:

  • powdered products (lime, activated carbon) are fluidised and transferred pneumatically to closed silos, from the delivery vehicle with its pressurised tank. Powdered reagents are transferred through the top of the silo. Dust is removed from the carrier air before this air is discharged into the atmosphere. This type of transfer overcomes the nuisances created by dust raised by mechanical transporters that are exclusively used for powdered products that are too heterogeneous (e.g. poor grade lime);
  • liquid products are transferred either by gravity, by air pressure or by pumping. Tanker trucks usually have their own compressor or pump.

For safety reasons, the trend moving from the air pressure transfer of corrosive products to unloading using pumps.

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