oil and floater skimmers for tanks or lagoons

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Layers of oil (and/or floaters) that collect on the surface of a calm water course can be collected using appliances called skimmers that exert no purifying action on the subjacent water. There are four groups of skimmers.

adjustable direction troughs and weirs

Fixed (or floating in the case of variable levels), simple, they still require an auxiliary device for approaching the oil layer and, above all, involve large quantities of water.

belt or drum oil collectors

Using the fact that oil will adhere to their hydrophobic surface, they have the advantage of recovering oil that has very low water content and, in the case of the belt version, of coping with major water level fluctuations. In the case of large surface areas, they have to be used in conjunction with a nappe skimmer.

fixed mechanical skimmers

The oil layer is conveyed over a large distance to a collection zone by means of a water current generated by a pumping mobile; however, with this system, large quantities of water are recovered.

skimming close to a vortex

A fixed and most frequently floating system, this skimmer accumulates the oil in its centre and, therefore, less water is pumped out.

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