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SUEZ has designed two systems that are cost-effective for plant discharging approximately 8 hydrojets per day (i.e. approximately 5 t · d–1 of pulp) to which has to be added the grit produced by the plant's grit removers.

arenis low flow rate system

This system comprises (figure 9):

  • a clamshell bucket;
  • a rotary screen;
  • a grit washer classifier.

Overdesigned, the wash stage is carried out in a rotary screen and, therefore, does not include a hydrocyclone but does enable us to ensure OM levels <5%.

A storage period of at least 1 month must then apply.

arenis high flow rate system

This system comprises (figure 10):

  • 1 clamshell bucket;
  • 1 rotary screen;
  • 2 hydroseparators;
  • 2 hydrocyclones;
  • 1 densimetric channel:
  • 1 vibrating dewatering unit;
  • 1 rotating strainer on the overflows.

This system enables us to guarantee 3% residual OM; however, we still recommend that the heap is allowed to ripen.

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