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Generally, the evaporation and crystallisation processes are integrated into a treatment process enabling optimal sizing and operation.

The following is found upstream :

  • Pre-treatment, the objective of which will be limited to concentration levels of compounds which could impact the following stages and/or the quality of by-products: suspended solids, alkaline earth metals, ammonia, silica, organic matter, oil, heavy metals…
  • A pre-concentration operation carried out by a membrane-type treatment process and whose objective is to minimise the volume of brine to evaporate

Downstream, a polishing treatment process may be found aiming to reduce the levels of concentration of dissolved matter, if necessary (organic matter and ions).

The process also integrates the recovery of salts via a cyclone, in a pure or well mixed form, and their dehydration.

evaporation-crystallization - SMART Z systemSecured image
Figure 18. Integration of the evaporation/crystallization in treatment process: SMART Z system

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