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Two main technologies are found: downflow evaporators and forced circulation crystallisers.

Downflow evaporators allow effluent to be efficiently concentrated up to the limit of solubility and, therefore, before the emergence of the first crystals. They are characterised by :

  • their capacity to concentrate a large range of flow rates and types of effluent
  • optimised energy consumption due to high heat transfer in heat exchanger pipes and a low energy requirements for recirculation
  • excellent availability
  • excellent condensate quality
  • a relatively low footprint
downflow evaporatorSecured image
Figure 14. Schematic diagram of a downflow evaporator

The crystallisers under forced circulation are characterised by :

  • A highly robustness process
  • High operational flexibility (feedwater flow rate, variability in the type of feed water
  • A possibility to control the size of the crystals formed as well as their uniformity
  • Excellent condensate quality
  • A potential use of a “seeding process” allowing the compounds likely to precipitate on the inside walls to be controlled.
circulation crystallizerSecured image
Figure 15. Schematic diagram of a forced circulation crystallizer

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