advanced dewatering of sludge by pre-liming before centrifugation – Dehydris™ Lime

advanced dewatering of sludge by pre-liming before centrifugation – Dehydris Lime
The Dehydris™ Lime, pre-liming for sludge with centrifugation, is suited to the dewatering of all type of sludge, fresh or digested from urban wastewater treatment and to any size plant.

Developed to take advantage of the different properties of lime (sanitization, reduction of odors). DeshydrisTM Lime is used at the end of the sludge treatment process. The biosolids, due to their granular structure, can then be used directly as agricultural recovery with an optimized storage.

key figures

  • 100% homogenous sludge-time mixture
  • Important gain in dryness, up to 50% compared to traditional centrifugation

among references

  • Château Thierry (France) – 56,000 PE
  • L’île Arrault (Orléans - France) – 100,000 PE
  • Vallée de la Dyle - Basse Wavre (Belgium) – 200,000 PE
  • Biological stability of the produced biosolids
  • Granular structure of the final product means that accumulations hold their form
  • Lower operating costs (reduce maintenance)
  • Security of the operation (no rotary machine)

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