sludge incineration – Thermylis™

sludge incineration – Thermylis
Fluidized bed thermal process at atmospheric pressure to destroy organic matters.

The ThermylisTM transforms sludge into a mineral product that is not harmful and that can be recycled. It is preferentially fed with dewatered sludge (dryness between 15 to 40%) from urban or industrial wastewater. The ThermylisTM is particularly suited to wastewater treatment plant with capacity greater than 100,000 PE.

key figures

  • Automated operation 24h/24
  • Final reduction of sludge volume between 7 to 10% of dewatered sludge volume

among references

  • Mill Creek facility (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) 3*90 t.DS per day
  • Lakeview (Canada) 4*100 t.DS/day
  • Limited nuisances: optimal quality of combustion allows the respect of standards
  • Economic : hot wind box limiting energetic costs
  • Flexible : possible intermittent operation
  • Reliable : construction built since 1985 are still in operation

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