the lowest energy sludge drying system – Evaporis™ LE

the lowest energy sludge drying system – Evaporis™ LE
Recovery of energy generated by an indirect dryer to power a direct dryer.

The EvaporisTM LE,based on the Innodry®2E, is a complete process for treating dewatered sludge.

EvaporisTM LE accepts all types of dewatered sludge( UWW, IWW,…) with particularity of accepting a wide range of sludge dryness and very different quality. Working on the principle of energy recovery the system is composed of several stages, including two drying stages consisting of a thin layer dryer (indirect dryer) and a belt dryer (direct dryer), the latter being powered by stream energy from the upstream dryer, restituted via a condenser.

key figures

  • 30% less energy consumed compared to a conventional dryers
  • Reduction of sludge volume from 20 to 30 % (high density of dried sludge)

among references

  • Suzhou (China) – 1,200,000 PE – 11,355 kg H2O/h
  • Aquaviva Cannes (France) – 300,000 PE - 2,900 kg H2O/h
  • Minimizes storage and transport cost thanks to a high density dried sludge
  • Eliminates the pelletization stage and its associated risks
  • Dried sludge cooling built into the dryer
  • Limits the emission of greenhouse gases (thanks to an energy consumption that will be lower than the one of other dryers)
  • Long life of equipment (low wear rate)
  • Perfect adaptability in terms of feeds (accepts all types of sludge, wide range of dryness) and installation (several lines can be installed in parallel to meet all needs)
  • The lowest dust content in sludge of all drier (minimization of potentially explosive atmospheres)

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