mesophilic digestion - 37°C – Digelis™

digelis range
The Digelis™ is a 1 stage anaerobic digestion process for sludge (between 35°C and 37°C) coming from urban wastewater treatment plant.

An efficient regulation temperature and an efficient sludge mixing are essential to the good operation of the digestors.

DigelisTM is adapted for the treatment of primary sludge, biological sludge, high, medium or low load, extended aeration and mixed sludge.

key figures

  • Over 40 % of sludge potential energy can be valorized via energy produced from biogas
  • Sludge volume divided by 2 compared to line without digestion

among references

  • Gabal (Egypt) – 1,800,000 PE
  • La Farfana (Chile) – 3,000,000 PE
  • Achères (France) – 6,500,000 PE
  • La Feyssine (France) – 300,000 PE
  • Reduction of sludge quantity: 20 to 40% of dry matters
  • Long-term sludge stabilization : nuisance reduction & sanitation
  • Sludge recovery for green energy through biogas production
  • Increase of the dryness in dewatering
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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