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Water is sprayed by nozzles mounted on one or more branched collectors in order to extend the water/air interface. The pressure required depends on the type and number of nozzles (figure 1 and photo 3). These units of average efficiency are used either for degassing (CO2, H2S…), or for water oxygenation (iron, manganese removal). Spray systems will only tolerate slight varations of flow rate before they run the risk of opérating at extremely low efficiency levels.

Spray towerSecured image
Figure 1. Spray tower
Spray nozzlesSecured image
Photo 3. Spray nozzles

Hard water should not be used in spray systems as scaling can easily clog the nozzles. In the presence of H2S, consideration must be given to at least collecting stray water from the air vents for dilution and possibly for odor control.

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