peracetic acid

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Peracetic acid is commercially available as concentrated (approximately 40%) or more dilute (0.4 to 2.5%) solutions. Various means are used to stabilise the solutions in order to ensure that they remain effective for 8 to 10 months under appropriate storage conditions similar to those recommended for hydrogen peroxide.

Given the cost of peracetic acid, its use in water treatment can be considered for temporary disinfection needs:

  • disinfecting municipal wastewater during the swimming season only;
  • sludge sanitising;
  • controlling sludge bulking.

Relatively little is still known about Peracetic acid performance in these fields. It has been reported that amounts of 2 to 4 mg · L–1 eliminate in excess of 90% of total coliforms from municipal wastewater. Peracetic acid is effective to inactivate salmonellae in excess activated sludge at amounts greater than 250 mg · L–1 with contact times lasting from one week to one month.

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