regulation and controls

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control devices

In order to maintain proper disinfection performance UV disinfection systems are equipped with control features that also help with system maintenance. They include:

  • a lamp operation control system (on/off, current, voltage, number of operating hours, number of on/off cycles);
  • one or more UV intensity measurements within the reactor (UV sensor);
  • a flow rate measurement;
  • if necessary, a continuous transmittance measurement;
  • if necessary, calculation of the reactor delivered dose by the system using UV intensity, transmittance and flow rate measurements.

As already stated, Aquaray systems are already fitted with all of the above.

dose control mechanisms

This type of control device is based on flow rate, UV intensity (and lamp current if required) and transmittance measurements.

The number of lamps in operation or their output is controlled based on the aforementioned parameters with the goal to regulate the amount of UV energy transferred to the water and subsequently maintain a dose set point regardless of flow rate and transmittance fluctuations; depending on the reactor technology used the lamp arc current can be adjusted (e.g. Aquaray H2O), or rows of lamps can be switched on or off (e.g. Aquaray HO 40).

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