hydrogen peroxide

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Technical grade hydrogen peroxide is sold in 35 %, 50 % and 70 % concentrations by weight (see the oxidants and disinfectants). This is a transparent, odourless and slightly viscous liquid. Inorganic stabilisers are added to inhibit hydrogen peroxide breakdown. This breakdown will be limited to less than 1% per year when hydrogen peroxide is correctly stored and used (stainless steel equipment and dispensers, stored in a cool place away from fuel compounds or fuels or sources of energy).

Its use in the field of water treatment extends to:

  • reducing hydrogen sulphide emissions in sewers;
  • removing pollutants such as cyanides and sulphides from industrial effluent;
  • pofine treatment for biological water treatment systems in the event of sludge bulking;
  • gas scrubbing to remove nitrogen oxides, sulphur and mercaptans emitted by industrial units;
  • cooling water disinfection for limiting algae and bacteria proliferation.
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