biological filtration – Ferazur® / Mangazur® / Nitrazur®

biological filtration
Reduction of iron, manganese, ammonium and nitrate existing in the source water & groundwater

The precipitate forms when in contact with a natural media, the Biolite™ ‘‘S’’, which requires no regeneration or replacement.

The bacteria naturally existing in the raw water stay in the media, even after an adapted wash of the filter.

key figures

  • Filtration speed up to 50m/h
  • Longer filtration cycles :3 – 5 times higher than with conventional process
  • No chemical oxidant required
  • No periodic regeneration of the filtration media
  • Fast adaptation to the variation of raw water quality
  • Natural process “BIOLITE”offering a high treated water net production and anexcellent applicability to treat generated sludge

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