flotation separation – UCD® daf

flotation separation – ucd® daf
• Aquadaf technology
• Surface water

operating principle :

  • Coagulation-flocculation: Addition of a coagulant and passage of the water through a double coagulation compartment, followed by a hydraulic flocculation chamber.
  • flotation:
    • Entry of flocculated water into the pressurised water injection zone.
    • Expansion of the pressurised water through a series of nozzles and creation of a cloud of micro-bubbles.
    • Formation of a dense bed of micro-bubbles inside the flotation zone and agglomeration of the flocculated particles.


  • Dam, river and eutrophic lake water
  • Elimination of low-density particle pollutants (colloids, colour, algae, etc.)
  • Water with a high content of organic matter, algae and cyanobacteria
  • Clarification of cold water Turbidity of raw water ‹30 NTU (peaks at 200 NTU)
  • Pre-treatment for desalination
  • Possible utilisation in tertiary phosphorous removal
  • Treatment of dirty backwash water

key figures

  • Turbidity of clarified water from 1 to 4 NTU according to raw water
  • Possibility of sludge extraction from 20 to 40% g/l
  • Algae abatement approximately 90%
  • High-speed clarifier offering an increased capacity for existing facilities (rehabilitation) or new ones

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