chemical carbonate removal with pellet reactor – Gyrazur™

carbonate removal Gyrazur
Clarifier with optimized flocculation using external sludge recirculation

The Gyrazur™ is a water upflow equipment. It allows water carbonate removal (reduction of its hardness) by chemical precipitation in a reactor containing calcium carbonate in pellets or grains. Also used to remove nickel.

The carbonate removal consists of three parts: lime dispersal zone (inflow), reaction zone, separation zone.


  • Water with flow rate of suspended solids
  • Limited range (70 to 100%) for one unit

running with lime

  • Lime slurry (lower reaction kinetics)
  • Lower speed (higher work)
  • Circular
  • Metallic
  • No floor
  • Simple lime
  • Injection device

running with caustic soda

  • Liquid caustic soda (stronger reaction kinetics)
  • Higher speed (lower work)
  • Square or circular
  • Concrete or metallic
  • Floor
  • Complex injection device

key figure

  • High speed: 60 to 80 m/h

among our references

  • Hanningfield (England) 10,000 m3/h
  • Chen Chin Lake (Taiwan), 18,000 m3/h
  • Compact precipitate (carbonate pellets), no need of dewatering
  • Reduce footprint

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