chemical carbonate removal (softening) with sludge recirculation reactor – Densadeg®

sludge recirculation reactor – Densadeg
The Densadeg® can be used for water softening.

The principle of sludge recirculation, increasing the particle contact, may be used for precipitation of calcium carbonate as it is normally used for flocculation.

The Densadeg® with its external sludge recirculation system and the use of polymer in a specific reactor allows speed at 30 to 50 m/h for a minimum volume of sludge production (concentrations between 300 and 1000 g/l at extraction level). It combines lamellar settling and integrated thickener.

key figures

  • Variable flow 50 to 100%
  • Lamellar speed 30 to 50 m/h

among our references

  • Over 600 References
  • La Fensch (France) 1,200 m3/h
  • Gaurin-Ramecroix (Belgium) 1,700 m3/h
  • Highly concentrated sludge, easy to dewater
  • Applicable to any raw water (surface or borehole water)
  • Easy to operate

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