sludge recirculation settler – Turbocirculator®

sludge recirculation settler – Turbocirculator
Scraper settling tank with internal sludge recirculation by low-speed turbine

The Turbocirculator® is a flocculator- settler. It can be used as pre-settler. Due to the scraping, this product is mainly used in case of heavily loaded water.

The Turbocirculator® is characterized by the integration of the 3 following zones, without necessity of external pumping :

  1. Central zone = Recirculation zone
  2. Peripheral zone = Settling zone
  3. Bottom = Sludge collection

The sludge returns by scraping near the raw water inlet and can be partially recirculated for flocculation improvement (sludge contact).

among our references

  • La Florida (Chile) – 345,000 m3/d (pre-settling)
  • Sonia Vihar (India) – 635,000 m3/d (pre-settling)
  • Al Rusafa (Iraq) – 910,000 m3/d (settling)
  • Simplicity
  • Reliability
  • Easy maintenance: mechanical scraper avoid the shutdown for cleaning

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