granular activated carbon contactor and filter - Carbazur®

granular activated carbon - Carbazur
Elimination of organic matter by adsorption or/and by biological activity

The Carbazur Is a downflow filter with level control. It uses Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filtration material over a height of 1.2 to 2.5 m (normal range).

The water to be filtered is brought into the filtering battery by a general channel before being evenly distributed to the various filters.

among our references

  • Morsang (France) 220,000 m3/d
  • Johor River (Malaysia) 450,000 m3/d
  • Chen Chin Lake (Taiwan) 450,000 m3/d
  • Characterized by a constant water level maintains by dedicated control system for each filter (standard regulation valve or partialized siphon)
  • A great height of water above filtration media (usually 1.2 m)

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