powder activated carbon contactor - Pulsazur™

powder activated carbon contactor - Pulsazur™
The Pulsazur™ uses a process of adsorption on powder activated carbon (PAC) in a pulsed sludge-blanket reactor to eliminate dissolved organic matter and micro-pollutants.

key figures

  • Speed between: 4 and 8 m/h
  • 5Wh/m3of Electricity consumption

among our references

  • Goron (France) 3,000 m3/d
  • Apremont (France) 40,000 m3/d
  • Mézières-sur-Couesnon (France) 25,00 m3/d
  • Polishing for micro-pollutants or dissolved organic matters treatment
  • Controlled Hydraulics ensuring steady PAC beds and velocity
  • A Flexible operation that copes with changes in flow or quality
  • Optimum use of powder activated carbon is kept homogenous by the incoming pulsed flow
  • No use of polymer
  • No risk of abrasion or corrosion

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