rapid flotation with hydraulic flocculator – Aquadaf™

rapid flotation with hydraulic flocculator – Aquadaf™
A compact clarification solution, allowing higher flotation rates and reduced flocculation time

The Aquadaf™ is a high-speed dissolved air flotation system particularly suited to the clarification of surface water generally of low-turbidity and subject to seasonal variations. Dissolved air flotation is a particularly efficient treatment system for eliminating low-density particles.

Aquadaf™ can satisfy peaks of turbidity if they are limited in intensity and time.

application to :

  • Treatment of low turbidity water eventually subject to algae bloom
  • Very cold water < 5°C

key figures

  • Flocculation time reduced to 5 minutes
  • 70% less footprint compared to traditional flotation unit
  • Limited height : 2.5 to 4 m
  • Turbidity up to 200 NTU

among our references

  • Haworth (USA) 700,000 m3/d
  • TK Halli (India) 1,000,000 m3/d
  • Apremont (France) 40,000 m3/d
  • Macao (Chine) 60,000 m3/d
  • Very low water loss
  • Simplicity of Operation & Maintenance: Instant start-up and shutdown without special precautions, visibility of treatment steps , few mechanical components
  • Optimization of flocculation: Patented plug-flow flocculator

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