computerized management of open-filter drinking water installations– Regulazur™ III - video

computerized management of open-filter drinking water installations– Regulazur III
Optimized operation of filtering battery

The Regulazur™ IIIis a software product that allows you to automatically manage open filter installation operations (Aquazur™, Carbazur™, Mediazur™). It can be integrated within a plant automation architecture, to control and regulate the different operating cycles of the sequence of side-by-side open filters, and deliver optimal, continuous performance.

Regulazur™ III is made up of standardized and proven components, due to SUEZ’s experience in the field.

key figure

  • 75% savings in the programming development of the automation compared to a specific development

among our references

  • Doha West (Qatar) 135,000 m3/d
  • Apremont (France) 86,000 m3/d
  • Monistrol (France) 17,000 m3/d

Presentation video of the operating principle of the Regulazur™III

  • Flexibility and Reliability : Compatibility with standard automation systems, adaptable to all types of modem automation architecture, dependable and rapid start-up due to standardization and integration of user feedback
  • Optimized performance and cost s: Continuously optimizes management of each filter, guaranty of consistent water quality, avoids over-consumption of water
  • Easy Maintenance :Programs used PID equipment set points, programs and variables available in text and publishing.

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