sludge blanket clarification – Pulsator®

sludge blanket clarification – Pulsator
Pulsed sludge blanket clarifier including flocculation

The Pulsator® is a pulsed sludge blanket clarifier. The sludge formed during flocculation is made up of an expansion mass. Water, that has coagulated beforehand, arrives from the bottom of the device and flows through this sludge blanket to emerge clarified at the top of the settling tank. The sludge bed is kept in expansion with the help of pulsating operation.

key figures

  • 5 Wh/m3: Minimal energy consumption
  • Maximum inlet turbidity - 1,000 NTU
  • Settling Velocity: 2 to 5 m/h
  • Maximum concentration of algae at the inlet: 100,000 u/ml

among our references

  • Lima (Peru) 450,000 m3/d
  • Sonia Vihar (New Delhi) 635,000 m3/d
  • Reliable whatever the water quality and flow rate
  • Flexible operation : possibility to adjust the pulsation frequency, the duration and sludge extraction flow
  • Reduced operating costs (reagent and power)
  • Ease to operate

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