pressurized in/out ultrafiltration modules water treatment system

water treatment system by pressurized in/out ultrafiltration modules

It can be installed in direct or in coupling on clear water (drill-holes, sources, karsts, lakes) with turbidity peak up to 1000 NTU or POLISHING on degraded water (rivers) turbidity peak up to 2000 NTU.

Possibility of direct filtration on clarified water (short line without sans filtration) - must be studied on a case-by-case basis.

New ultrafiltration membrane made of PolyEthersulphone (multi-channel In/out Mechanical type). Fibers are assembled, giving to the membrane a higher mechanical resistance than individual fibers.

key figures

  • Guaranteed turbidity < 0.1 NTU(standard 0.5 NTU)
  • Division by 3 of chlorine in the network
  • Energy consumption < 60 Wh/m3
  • Filter performance 1000 times higher than with the sand filter
  • Water losses < 5%

among our constructions

  • Lausanne (Switzerland) – 40,000 m3/d – 9 blocks of 44 modules
  • Angers (France) – 120,000 m3/d – 16 blocks of 24 modules
  • Gemenos (France) – 5,000 m3/d - 20 modules

  • Ultra quality : Perfectly clear water , less chlorine in the network, water taste restored
  • Safety : Physical barrier, protected and hygienized network , residual chlorine in all network (persistence)
  • Heath : Less chloramines and THM, no reagents nor polymer, physical removal of pathogens,
  • Implementation :civil structure simplified, rapid implementation, hazard control during the construction phase.

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