pressurized out/in ultrafiltration modules water treatment system - Ultrazur™ Smartrack™

pressurized out/in ultrafiltration modules - Ultrazur Smartrack
The only universal rack with interchangeable ultrafiltration modules

The UltrazurTM SmartrackTM is a rack, capable of accommodating ultrafiltration membrane modules of different brands, presenting varied dimensions as well as different connections. The rack can accommodate the 5 principal module supplier brands found on the market: ASASHI, DOW, GE, TORAY, HYDRANAUTICS.

The UltrazurTM SmartrackTM system runs on a Out/in principle (filtration from the exterior towards the interior of the membrane) in order to treat directly settled or floated water.

Small size = A flow rate from 200 to 3,600 m3/d - An easy-to-implement skidded version

Large size = A flow rate from 3,600 to 22,000 m3/d - A compact and economic solution

applications :

  • Drinking water (only on International permiter)
  • Industrial process water, Reuse
water treatment system by pressurized out/in ultrafiltration modules -Ultrazur Smartrack schemaSecured image

key figures

  • Module compatibility with the 5 main suppliers to the market
  • Adaptable to any plant size with a capacity: 200to 22,000 m3/d per rack

among our references

  • Thales, Mulwala (Australia) – 1,000 m3/d (Industrial process water)
  • Freedom to choose suppliers and membranes
  • Control ultrafiltration renewal costs
  • Return on investment: the installation of new membranes requires no modification to the installations
  • Flexible integration: pre-assembled, rack elements easy to transport, standardized industrialized system that reduces delivery and start-up time
  • Ease of operation
  • Health and Safety:ultrafiltration constitutes an excellent bacteriological barrier, regular verification of fibers using an automated integrity test