downflow open sand filtration - Aquazur® V

downflow open sand filtration - Aquazur® V
The Aquazur® V is a downflow open sand filter with level control.

As all filters, it is a separator solid-liquid. It retains suspended solids in raw water thanks to a thick layer of sand.

Aquazur® V is typically used for a drinking water treatment line : coagulation, flocculation , separation, filtration.

application :

  • as direct filtration on low suspended solids water types
  • for iron, manganese and ammonia removal (if limited concentration and under specific operating conditions (pH, Temperature,..)

key figures

  • Filtration rate Up to 25 m/h
  • Wash water rate of 14 m3/m2/hr

among our references

  • Djiri (Congo) 144,000 m3/d
  • Kozhicode (Kerala, India) 174,000 m3/d
  • Milan San Rocco (Italia) 14,400 m3/h
  • Mostaganem-Arzem-Oran (Algérie) 561,600 m3/d
  • High-velocity filter
  • No turbidity peak due to no overload when washing the other filters

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