lamellar clarification + filtration – UCD® lml

lamellar clarification + filtration – ucd® lml
Surface water and groundwater

operating principle:

  • coagulation-floculation & clarification :
    • Accelerated separation of the water and flocs by passing them through lamellar modules.
    • Sludge is collected at the bottom of the clarifier and discharged by automatic extractions.
    • Equal distribution of the flow from downstream ensures the homogeneity of the clarification speed over the whole surface of the structure (patented method).
  • filtration : Sand pressure filtration with manual or automatic filter backwashing.


  • Medium turbidity water (colloids, colours, etc.) (up to 500 mg SS/l)
  • Generally for river or dam water
  • Filtration of groundwater
  • Elimination of suspended solids and colloidal particles
  • Water treated in accordance with current drinking water standards

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