sludge handling and storage

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Handling equipment and sludge storage tank design must be compatible with the chemical and physical properties of the sludge. DM (dry solids content) concentration, sludge rheological behaviour (viscosity, thixotropy, banking angle) and texture (sticky, dusty, hygroscopic…) therefore constitute essential criteria when selecting the handling mode: pump, belt conveyor, screw, mechanical or pneumatic bulk conveyor or any other equipment.

The sludge storage tank design and dimensioning require a knowledge of the chemical composition of the sludge (dry solids content, degree of OM stabilisation, presence of volatile compounds, chlorides) and of its granulometry (particle size, presence of dust….).

It is essential that the equipment selected be compatible with the types of sludge concerned in order to achieve optimum treatment line operation and to ensure maximum availability and safety.

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