biological purification by ultrafiltration flat sheet membranes– Ultragreen™

Biological purification by ultrafiltration flat sheet membranes - Ultragreen Cogolin  station
Ultragreen™ is a wastewater treatment process (residential and industrial) by ultrafiltration flat sheet membranes. With a huge compact size, it provides a clean effluent quality to answer the most demanding emissions standards or to be recovered for reuse.

Ultragreen™ combines both a biological treatment using activated sludge and a clarification by immersion of flat sheet membranes. Water to be purified enters into a reactor where it is put in contact with a purifying bacterial mass, before passing through the membranes.

A boosted elimination of suspended solids: Ultragreen™ functions according to the out / in principle of immersion filtration, in other words a filtration flow from exterior to interior.

Ultragreen™ is particularly easy to use and it operates mechanically consolidated membranes plates.

In order to guarantee a high quality water, even in the case of strong seasonal variations and beyond the highest standards, the use of membrane technique allows to have a better control over the separation between water and sludge. It ensures the protection of the natural habitat, local population and water resources.

key figures

  • Works with high concentration in membrane tanks up to 15g/L
  • Suited for installations up to 100,000 PE
  • Flat sheet membranes have a 0,08 μm nominal pore size

among references

  • Val d'Arly (73, France): capacity 29,000 PE
  • Cogolin-Gassin (83, France): capacity 45,000 PE
  • Saint-Barthélemy (97, France): capacity 3,500 PE
  • A flexibility allowing economical investments
  • A totally automated function assures the safety of operating partners
  • Protection of resources thanks to the option of reusing effluent for irrigation, watering city parks and gardens, etc.
  • Protects nature and its biodiversity with an effluent quality that allows discharge in protected zones
  • A high quality water even in the case of high seasonal variations

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