high speed flotation system – Greendaf™ MW

high speed flotation system – Greendaf MW
Complementary treatment to Meteor MBBR biological technology.

The GreendafTM MWis dedicated to the clarification after MBBR. It’s a rapid floatation system, is fitted with: a pressurization (pressure relief system) and a perforated floor floatation cell.

The GreendafTM MW is the natural child of a GreendafTM tw and a GreendafTMBWW :

  • From the GreendafTM tw it has got plug flow flocculator
  • From the GreendafTMBWW it has got the depth and the sludge chain scrapper.

More specifically, Greendaf™ MW has the following characteristics :

  • In line mixing,
  • Plug flow flocculator,
  • A chain surface scraper
  • A chain scraper is required as the amount of inlet TSS is high so the sludge production is also high and it is compulsory to take it out quickly.

key figures

  • Flow up to 25 m/h
  • Treated water quality TSS efficiency 90%
  • Compact & modular
  • A sludge concentration similar to those of thickened sludge
  • Simple and safe
  • Easy ON/OF

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