high speed flotation system – Greendaf™ MW

high speed flotation system – Greendaf MW
Complementary treatment to Meteor MBBR biological technology.

The GreendafTM MWis dedicated to the clarification after MBBR. It’s a rapid floatation system, is fitted with: a pressurization (pressure relief system) and a perforated floor floatation cell.

The GreendafTM MW is the natural child of a GreendafTM tw and a GreendafTMBWW :

  • From the GreendafTM tw it has got plug flow flocculator
  • From the GreendafTMBWW it has got the depth and the sludge chain scrapper.

More specifically, Greendaf™ MW has the following characteristics :

  • In line mixing,
  • Plug flow flocculator,
  • A chain surface scraper
  • A chain scraper is required as the amount of inlet TSS is high so the sludge production is also high and it is compulsory to take it out quickly.
high speed floatation system – Greendaf MWSecured image

key figures

  • Flow up to 25 m/h
  • Treated water quality TSS efficiency 90%
  • Compact & modular
  • A sludge concentration similar to those of thickened sludge
  • Simple and safe
  • Easy ON/OF