cycle low energy ammonium removal – Cleargreen™

cycle low energy ammonium removal – Cleargreen™
Biological treatment of effluents with high concentrations of ammonia.

The CleargreenTM allows the treatment of concentrated ammonia caused by anaerobic digestion of sludge at the head of the station. This process limits the impact of digestion on the water treatment line.

The CleargreenTM is designed to work with a biological sequencing batch reactor (SBR), allowing the successive completion of all treatment phases in the same tank (divided into 4 sub-cycles).

key figure

  • 60% less air needed compared to classic activated sludge treatment

among references

  • Richmond (USA) 14 months prototype
  • Creil-Montataire (France) 17 months prototype
  • Ourence (Spain) 300,000 PE
  • Refurbishment: avoids to overload the water line
  • New plant: avoids to oversize the biologic treatment
  • Automation of process control
  • Robust adaptability to variations in load and effluent composition
  • Spontaneous installation of the biomass
  • No reactive agents needed
  • Automatic regulation of air supply = control of consumption

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