suction-type clarifier – SUCCIR clarifier

SUCCIR clarifier
Clarification by peripheral drive with radial & central sludge collection.

The SUCCIR clarifier has a more complete sludge recovery device combining suction tubes centralized and tubes located on the radius.

The floor has a double-slope improving the sludge collection by central suction system.

This arrangement leads to the recovery of most of the sludge in the structure center, which limits the undercurrents degrading the treated water quality and provides an excellent treated water quality in terms of Suspended Solids.

key figure

  • The SUCCIR clarifier is standardized for diameters from 30 to 52 m

among references

  • Valenton (France) – 800,000 m3/d
  • Excellent treated water quality due to double suction system
  • Shorter sludge contact time in the clarifier
  • Constant & efficient sludge extraction due to high density of suction tubes
  • A process that is ideally suited for heavy sludge clarification (pulped & paper industry)

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