descending current open sand filter – Aquazur V®

descending current open sand filter – Aquazur V®
Wastewater tertiary treatment for suspended solid and phosphorous elimination.

The Aquazur V® is a descending current open sand filter. As all filters, it is a separator solid-liquid. It retains suspended solids in raw water thanks to a thick layer of sand.

The Aquazur V® is typically used for a drinking water treatment line : coagulation, flocculation , separation, filtration and is also highly suitable for municipal waste water tertiary treatment.

key figure

  • Filtration rate up to 15 m/h

among references

  • PIF Fusina (Italy) 127,000 m3/d
  • Pineto II (Spain) 200,000 m3/d
  • High-rate open filter
  • Direct filtration on very low-suspended solids water types
  • Possible addition of a coagulation stage
  • Other uses can be associated: iron, manganese and ammonia removal (if limited concentration and under specific operating conditions (pH, Temperature,..)
  • Water supply maintained during wash phase
  • Operating control adapted to all types of PLC

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