regulation of sequenced aeration for activated sludge – Greenbass™

regulation of sequenced aeration for activated sludge – Greenbass™
Continuous air-supply monitoring with automatic adjustments made according to fluctuations in pollution loads.

The GreenbassTM is a sequenced aeration regulation process for activated sludge, fine-tuning the air-flow supplied to the biological treatment process depending on the pollution load. The key to the GreenbassTM control mechanism is that it is based on the fluctuating concentration of nitrogen’s reduced form (ammonium) and oxidized form (nitrate).

The advanced regulation program contains a patented algorithm which constantly recalculates the useful quantity of air as a function of the biological activity.

key figures

  • Up to 15 % energy saving
  • Reduction of 20 to 30 % pf the air flow supplied for a similar quality

among references

  • Leblond (Guyana) 60,000 PE
  • Dumbea (New Caledonia) 72,000 PE
  • Can be adapted to all sizes of existing or new wastewater treatment plants
  • Easy intergradation into most plant’s logic control panels
  • Direct measurement of the needs
  • Continuous air flow adjustments to the treatment needs
  • Complete visibility of treatment in real time (ammonia & nitrate concentration follow-up)

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