biological purification by combined cultures – Meteor™ IFAS

Biological purification by combined cultures – Meteor™ IFAS
Carbon and nitrogen removal in wastewater.

The MeteorTM IFAS is a biological process by combined cultures equipment developed for the removal of nitrogen and carbon.

A hybrid solution integrating the advantages of fixed-film process (like biofiltration) and suspended growth technology (like activated sludge).

key figures

  • Reinforced expertise by 7 years of partnership with HYDROXIL SYSTEM (USA)
  • More than 847,000 m3 treated water per day with METEOR
  • Nitrification potential 3 times higher than in conventional activated sludge

among references

  • Refurbishment of Milan San Rocco: adding of equipment in the existing tanks to run in IFAS and increase of the treatment capacity
  • Falling Creek (USA) –53,000 m3/d
  • Proctor’s Creek (USA) – 135,000 m3/d
  • Compact : structure volume considerably reduced compared to conventional activated sludge
  • Flexibility : Supports strong load variations particularly in cold zones (i.e. mountainous zones)
  • Environment : An effluent quality that complies with the most stringent regulations on discharge
  • Easy to operate :
    • A high level of automation / system reliability
    • Ease of integration within existing plants
    • Ideal for upgrade: raises the quality level of discharge

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