a high performance biological process - Biofor®

a high performance biological process - Biofor®
2 Operations in one structure: filtration & intensive biological treatment.

The Biofor® allows an advanced treatment of suspended solids (SS) and carbon and /or nitrogen pollution with no odor. The effluent to be treated is continuously fed into a biological reactor called a « biofilter », passing through materials that retain the suspended solids.

Carbon and/or nitrogen pollution is eliminate due to the development of natural bacteria into a fixed biofilm (purifying biomass) on a mineral support that is also natural, the BIOLITE®.




Biofor® C

Biofor® CN

Biofor® N

Carbon (BOD)

Carbon and partial denitrification

Tertiary nitrification


Biofor® Pre-DN

Biofor® Post-DN

Upstream denitrification

Downstream denitrification (methanol added)

key figures

  • 74,000 m2Installed surface
  • 1,150 degremont® BIOFOR worlwide
  • Density > 1. No material loss

among references

  • Chengdu Petrochina (Refinery) 60,000 m3/d
  • Xiamen (China) 300,000 m3/d
  • Louis-Fargue (Bordeaux, France) 276,000 m3/d
  • Sophia Antipolis (France) 50,000 PE
  • A high-performance treatment complying with regulations for all types of effluents (low-temperature effluent, effluent with wide variation in flow and/or load, diluted effluent, industrial effluent such as oil, paper pulp, etc…)
  • Limited footprint, easy to cover due to its compactness
  • Easy on-site implantation (modular aspect)
  • Adapted to extension and refurbishment
  • Easy to operate due to automated functioning
  • A natural material:BIOLITE®

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