physico-chemical settling tank using external sludge recirculation – Densadeg®

physico-chemical settling tank using external sludge recirculation – Densadeg
Combines a fast primary physico-chemical settling and a sludge pretreatment by thickening.

The Densadeg® is a compact system which includes stages of coagulation/flocculation, water clarification (lamellar zone) and settling/thickening of sludge. For the wastewater treatment plants the grit removal and degreasing stages can also be performed within the Densadeg®.

2D version : settling + thickening

4D version : grit removal + grease removal +settling +thickening

key figures

  • 8 to 10times smaller footprint than traditional settling unit
  • Sludge volume 10 times lower than ballasted floc systems
  • Sludge from Densadeg® > 30 g.L-1

among our references

  • Over 600 References
  • Les Mureaux (France) - 20,000 m3/d
  • Mulhouse (France) - 98,000 m3/d
  • Milan San Rocco (Italia) - 14,400 m3/h
  • Efficient treatment for multiple applications (drinking water, domestic and industrial wastewater)
  • Fast and easy operation even in case of great variation in flow and/or load
  • No abrasive ballasting material to be handled, removed or replaced
  • Flexible fitting option: can be tailored to every plant size
  • Compactness of the equipmentdue to its modular and lamellar design

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