biological treatment with air insufflation – Combigreen™

biological treatment with air insufflation – Combigreen™
Aeration channel doubled with a clarifier combining energy efficiency & compactness.

The Combigreen™ is a low energy product combining a fine bubble annular aeration channel and a central clarifier with an optimized hydraulic profile. It is a compact work, a high length of water for more operational reliability.

The Combigreen™ integrates accessibility and maintenance solutions developed with the operators, including :

  • Treated water collection through an immersed drilled pipe or through a conventional nozzle with automatic cleaning
  • Travelling bridge spread over the work for an access in all points along the tank

key figures

  • More than 146,000 PE treated with CombigreenTM in FRANCE
  • Energy saving up to 15 %
  • Space saving up to 25 %
  • Small footprint (double function)
  • Secured clarification (high water depth)
  • Optimum treated water quality (Long contact time in the clarifier)
  • Good adaptability on difficult ground
  • Limited length of pipe (smart integration of works)

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